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Interested in Temping?

Temping can be an exciting and rewarding employment opportunity, which promises flexibility and a variety of working environments.

What is Temping?
Temping is based on a casual employment term and is regarded as a stop-gap solution for employers. There are many reasons employers require temps ranging from an increase in business demand, through to a decrease in available permanent staff.

Employment contacts are generally set for a period of time, and your duties are agreed with your employer.  Temping can be a very exciting method of gaining an insight into a variety of industries and workplaces whilst not requiring a long term ongoing commitment.

Why Choose ETC for your Temping placement?
At ETC Temping you can expect to be treated as an individual, with unique needs, goals, personality and skills. We recognise that each candidate has the right to ethical, honest, respectful and personalised treatment. Our sign-up process includes an interview and assessment with one of our friendly consultants. We conduct two reference checks and you will undergo OH&S Training and Induction.

It is our aim to match your skills and personality with the most suitable positions available. We acknowledge that it may not be possible to provide an immediate placement.  ETC Temping consultants are committed to creating as many positive outcomes as possible for you, our employers and our business partners.

If you're interested in becoming a temp, please email your resume to our Recruitment department.