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ETC is obliged to ask for information that confirms your identity for any training undertaken that is funded by a State or Commonwealth Government.  

ID Type eg. drivers licence

ID Number

Expiry Date

Please complete the following information.  It will be used by ETC Training Solutions to further develop our courses to suit your needs.  Statistical information will be provided to State and Commonwealth Governments.

1. Which of the following categories BEST describes your current employment status?

Full-time employee
Part-time employee
Self employed - not employing others

Unpaid worker in a family business
Unemployed - seeking full-time work
Unemployed - seeking part-time wok
Not employed - not seeking employment 


2. Citizenship                                                    

Australian Permanent Resident
New Zealand
Temporary Resident                                   


3. In which country we you born?                  


4. Are you still attending school?

Yes  No                                                                            


5. What is your highest school level completed?

Year 12      Year 10
Year 11     Year 9
In which year did you complete that school level


6. Are you Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin?

Torres Strait Islander
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander


7. Do you speak a language other than English at home?

No, English only     
Yes, please specify


8. Do you consider yourself to have a disability, impairment or long-term condition?

No - go to question 11                           Yes      


9. If yes, then please indicate the areas of disability or long-term condition

Medical Condition
Acquired brain impairment


10. Do you require any special assistance with your training?
eg: language, literacy, numeracy assistance, equipment or facilities

 Yes  No
If yes, please advise how we can assist you?


11.  Have you successfully completed any nationally accredited or formal qualifications

 Yes  No - go to question 15


12. Please indicate which qualifications you have completed?

Bachelor Degree or higher
Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree
Certificate IV
Certificate III
Certificate II
 Certificate I
Miscellaneous Certificate


13. In which year did you complete this qualification?



14. Please name the qualification completed?       



15. What is your major reason for study?

Get a job
Try for a different career
Extra skills for my job
Develop my existing business
Get a better job or promotion
Get into another course of study
Start my own business
Personal interest or self development

Condition of Enrolment

  • An ETC consultant will contact you within 2 working days to confirm course details and payment options.
  • Enrolment will be finalised once you are aware of and agree to all conditions of training with ETC including course fees.
  • That a place in a course cannot be assured unless payment arrangements are in place. 
  • Courses may be cancelled or rescheduled if there are insufficient students attending.  A full refund will be given.
  • For more information about studying with ETC Training Solutions, please download our Student Handbook.