ETC BusinessLeaders Lunch with Janine Allis

March 2014 – Wrap Up

Attitude is the key to business success

According to the founder of Boost Juice, Janine Allis, having a great business idea is not always enough to be successful in business. You also have to be prepared to take risks and have the right attitude to succeed.

“Your attitude to everything dictates your success,” Janine told businesses on the Mid North Coast recently at an ETC BusinessLeaders luncheon.

A self-confessed optimist, Janine said whenever she encounters problems in business she always looks for the positives and has tried to surround herself with positive, supportive people.

“In the early days, I sought out people who were ahead of me in business and approached them for help,” she said.

Janine is a big believer in the importance of having mentors and was guided by the founder of Flight Centre, Geoff Harris; Muffin Break’s creator James Fitzgerald; Lesley Gillespie from Baker’s Delight and even Harvey Norman’s Gerry Harvey.

“You have to remember that these people get approached all the time for help,” she said.

“They will meet with you if you’ve already got a great idea, have been prepared to put everything on the line and have started something that’s actually working.”

Janine certainly put everything on the line when she started Boost juice.

She and her husband loaned $250,000 from friends to kick start the business; and sold their home and rented a two bedroom apartment, in which they shared a bedroom with two children, in order to raise enough capital to grow the business.

“There’s nothing extraordinary about my childhood or upbringing that meant I had these extra advantages to becoming successful,” she said.

“I’ve had the same opportunities as everyone else. It just depends on your attitude and what it is you do with it.”

Janine encourages people to say yes more often.

“If you say yes, extraordinary things can happen,” she said.

“I believe people are given 5 opportunities handed to them in life. Most people will turn them down or brush them aside, but imagine what could happen if you just said YES.”

Janine confessed that fear of failure drove her in the first five years of her business.

“Failing was not an option, particularly because we had friends invest in our company. I actually think being scared of your goals is a good thing because it drives you.”

And how is this for a goal?

As Managing Director of Retail Zoo, Janine plans to have 1000 stores opened in the next 5 years.

She is already well on the way, with 400 stores opened to date. This includes Boost juice bars in Australia and overseas, as well as 50 Sala’s (fresh Mexican grill), 26 Cibo Espresso stores and a new chicken shop chain called Hatch.

Corporal Mark Donaldson
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