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ETC Announces Ritchies Supa IGA Ballina as Employer of the Month

Ritchies Supa IGA in Ballina has been announced as the Enterprise & Training Company Limited (ETC) Employer of the Month for May 2017.

Ritchies Supa IGA State Manager Peter Lee said the company employed 6,000 staff, including 100 at the local Ballina store.

“Employees like stability. They like to know they’ve got a consistent roster of hours and are going to get paid on time. We also try to create a happy work environment because it’s important our staff feel happy being at work,” Mr Lee said.

Mr Lee said Ritchies IGA looked for the attributes of openness, honesty, and commitment when recruiting for new staff.

Ritchies Supa IGA State Manager Peter Lee accepting award with WorkIT participant

“We like our staff to be open and honest. We have staff from different walks of life and different backgrounds. If they are open and honest with us we can adapt our work situations to suit their needs. We like our staff to be committed and dedicated. There’s nothing more rewarding as an employer to have a fast working committed staff member,” he said.

Ritchies Supa IGA Ballina Store Manager Brendon Thurgate said he had utilised ETC’s retail WorkIT training program, which combines theory with on-the-job training, to identify suitable people to work in the store.

“The ETC team have been really good at guiding us through it. We worked through everything together, including discussing the type of people who would do the course, how many people and exactly what they would be doing in the store as part of their training,” Mr Thurgate said.

Fruit sorting by job seekers
Retail Training: Fruit Sorting by WorkIT Participants

“We started with eight people in the course and ended up employing half of them – two as permanent department managers and two as casual store assistants. It was really good to be able to get such good quality staff out of this process. They’ve worked out really well and it’s been great to be able to try before you buy and see what people are going to be like in your store before you offer them a job.”

Learn more about the WorkIT ETC’s innovative training delivery model!

ETC provides employment and training services on the Mid North Coast, North Coast NSW and Gold Coast QLD. If you need help finding a job, are looking for staff or are interested in up-skilling, then contact ETC on 1800 007 400.

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