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Looking for a Job?

Your pathway to employment with ETC

As you local jobactive employment provider, we are committed to finding you work. Your journey to employment begins with ETC.

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1.  Getting to know you

We start by getting to know you through a one-on-one meeting and participating in our joblab™.  This way, we can find out what you are good at and the types of jobs you are interested in. We set goals and find out what assistance is available to you.  Your journey to employment begins with ETC.

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2. Polishing your job skills

With ETC’s Job Skills Training, we will polish your existing job skills to ensure you receive every opportunity to win and keep the job that suits you.  We help you with:

  • Resume writing
  • Job application preparation
  • Interview skills and techniques
  • Identifying jobs that suit you
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3. Identifying your goals and available options

Based on your goals and your job plan, there are a number of options available to help you secure meaningful employment.  These include:

  • Undertaking work experience activity
  • Retrain by completing a nationally recognised qualification in a specific industry
  • Matching your skills to job availability
  • Participate in specific program designed for eligible job seekers such as ETC’s early school leavers program.
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4. Post placement support

After winning your job, we contact you regularly to make sure you have everything you need and if we can help you further.

If you are looking for a job, register with us and we will help you.

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