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Can’t pay your fines?

Now there is a simple and practical way to be free of unpaid fines, get your licence back and make a fresh start by applying for a Work and Development Order (WDO).

A WDO allows you to clear your fines through unpaid work, courses or treatment.

What activities can I do?

You can do many different activities for a Work and Development Order. They include:

  • Unpaid voluntary work
  • Education, training or life skills courses
  • Counselling (includes case management)
  • Financial counselling
  • Medical or mental health treatment programs
  • Drug and alcohol programs
  • Mentoring programs (for under 25s)


How do I get a Work and Development Order?

A Work Development Order is available to eligible ETC job seekers who are having trouble paying off their fines.   As soon as your WDO is approved, all enforcement action against you, such as licence restrictions or other sanctions, will be lifted.

It’s very important that you complete the activities you’ve agreed to do for your WDO. If you don’t apply or lose touch with ETC, your WDO may be cancelled and enforcement action will start again.

To find out if you are eligible, please ask your ETC Employment Consultant.


How can ETC help?

ETC is an approved WDO provider. That means we can tell if you are eligible for a WDO, suggest certain activities for you to agree on and report the hours to State Debt Recovery each month.

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