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ETC Job Seeker Success Stories

Nothing brings us more satisfaction than to see one of our job seekers successfully enter the workforce. Below are some of the stories our successful job seekers have shared with us.

Kain Browning

Kain Browning

Before getting his apprenticeship, Kain worked casually doing night shift, weekends and long hours.

“I’m so grateful for this job because it’s day time work, 5 days a week and secure. Much better and healthier for me,” he said.

“ETC helped me to get this brilliant job and I can’t thank them enough.”

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Patrick O'Sullivan

Patrick O’Sullivan

Patrick O’Sullivan moved from Brisbane to the Byron Bay area four years ago to be closer to his family. He found it very hard to get steady employment in the area and had to downsize to make ends meet.

“This was a very tough period in my life. I found it hard especially because of my age – Byron Bay is a young town,” Patrick said.

“I am very grateful to the team at ETC, they helped me out when I was in a bad way. ETC has been very good for me.”

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Robert Mawby

Robert was a sign-writer by trade, but struggled to find employment locally for two years.

He had to look at another field, so began Robert’s new journey in the Aged Care sector, providing cleaning services at Estia Health.

“ETC helped me with motivation and kept me positive. I’m so grateful to ETC for helping me to get this job. I did a number of courses through ETC like building a resume, how to conduct myself and dress in an interview,” Robert said.

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Rhiannon Citroni

Rhiannon Citroni

After a two year struggle to find employment in the area she is celebrating finally securing a job.

“This is my first real job since leaving school and it’s great because now I can save money and finally support myself,” she said.

“ETC were great. They helped me with creating my resume, motivated me to look for work, get a better understanding of the workforce and the confidence to actually go through with things.”

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Child care student and Employer

Kyrah Sheather-Dean

“I knew I wanted to change my career and get into child care which is something I have always wanted to do. I am really excited to have finished the course and quickly get a job in my chosen career”

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Matt Cooper

Matt Cooper

“ETC are great and they help you out with a lot. The staff there are really lovely and Cinthia (my Jobs Advisor) gives me calls to see how I’m going.”

“They helped me with fuel to get to get to appointments and work, clothes for job interviews, my resume and put me through a Construction course.”

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Peter McMahon head shot

Peter McMahon

“When I first arrived in Kempsey I had little money, limited skills, no job and no self-worth. I signed up with ETC and they helped me get my life back in order. My Employment Consultant Dena Mullens suggested I undertake an Aged Care course due to the skill shortage in that area and although I was reluctant at first, because I didn’t know any male nurses, I decided to give it a go.

“I love my job. It’s so rewarding. I jump out of bed to go to work now and that’s never happened before in my life. I wish I had started working in aged care years ago.”

Jimi Ronne

Jimi Ronne

After working 26 years in an administration role, Jimi found herself unemployed.

“ETC were very proactive and helpful. They immediately enrolled me into a retail course and then two weeks after completing the course I was placed into a job”

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Deann Amos

Deann Amos

Deann is celebrating her recent work promotion of being made a supervisor at Woolworths.

Deann thanks ETC for the help with her course and job applications which helped her land the job at Woollies.

“I love going in to see the girls at ETC – they are always happy and always go out of their way to help you. No one judges you there and it’s great.”

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Belinda Bates

“It was very stressful for me financially just relying on the dole while I was looking for work and I felt a bit lost. So I approached ETC to help. Within a week I had an interview with Crown Hotel Motel and haven’t looked back since.”

“I’m glad that I have found something I really like – it doesn’t feel like coming to work. The team I work with are great and a lot of fun.”

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Ian Kinney NEIS Participant in Coffs Harbour

Ian Kinny – NEIS Participant

“ETC has been spectacular. I wouldn’t have got here without ETC. I’ve had all sorts of assistance from digital marketing advice, assistance with building websites, small business management training and lots of mentoring and guidance,” Mr Kinny said.

housekeeping trainees at opal cove

Ann Fernando

Ann Fernando had been looking for work for the past two years.

“I always thought the dream job would be to work in a resort. Being a mum I’m pretty experienced at cleaning, but I don’t have any formal training. I didn’t expect to be offered work so soon,”

“My children are really proud of me.”

Indigenous employees with broadband equipment

Graeme Donovan

“I moved back to the area about 12 months ago looking for work. I picked up some casual work at a local sawmill but wanted something more stable for my family.

“ETC and the NCAP Program (New Careers for Aboriginal People) have been great in getting me trained and helping me secure this job.”