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ETC’s Job Seeker Toolkit

ETC employment helps job seekers to find meaningful employment.
ETC is your local jobactive provider on the Gold Coast, North Coast and Mid North Coast.

10 tips for finding a job

A great snap shot of the 10 most important steps you can take to securing the a job.

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Job search websites

A comprehensive list of websites where you will find jobs listed online

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Interview do’s and dont’s

An interview is a discussion between you and an employer to find out if you can do the job. It’s your chance to make a good impression. However, there are certain rules you should follow in interviews.

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What information should my resume have?

Follow the guidelines below to make sure you’ve included all the important information an employer may need.

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Work Experience

Doing unpaid work experience, also known as volunteering, can bring you great rewards. Work experience gives you the chance to learn new skills and improve those you already have.

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Work for the Dole

Work for the Dole activities provide eligible job seekers with work experience which helps job seekers to learn new skills and improve their chance of finding a job.

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Quicklinks for Job Seekers

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