Gold Coast Titan Kevin Gordon Encourages Youth to ‘Focus’

At 25 years of age, Gold Coast Titan wing/centre player Kevin Gordon appears to have his life all mapped out.

“I only have a limited time to play football so I’m preparing for my future and for life after football,” Mr Gordon said.

“I’ve just enrolled in a Certificate IV in Business with ETC and I’m hoping it will give me the skills I need to start my own business.”

Kevin has been playing football since he was 10 and never had much interest in anything else, especially not school or education.

“I never really liked studying at school because I didn’t know how it would help me,” Mr Gordon said.

“Now I know what it is I want to do and I’m ready to put my head down and do it.

“It took me a while to find out what I’m passionate about, besides football, and I’m passionate about designing things.”

So what’s Mr Gordon’s advice to other young people?

“Get a clear focus on what you are passionate about and then start to build your future around that passion,” he said.

“This applies whether you are looking for work, thinking of starting your own business or considering further training or study.”

Mr Gordon said he was looking forward to getting stuck into his business course with ETC.

“It will provide a good balance by not having to think about football all the time, especially if we have a bad game!” he said.

Awarded the 2013 NSW Small Training Provider of the Year and operating for 25 years, ETC offers nationally accredited courses and traineeships in the areas of Business, Community Services, Disability and Training and Assessment.

For further information about undertaking a training course with ETC on the Gold Coast visit or contact Erica Tonkin on 0408 894 192.

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