Local woman walks away with 2 jobs

Most people would be happy with at least one job offer after undertaking a training course, but Port Macquarie’s Melissa Parish managed to secure two jobs after completing a Certificate II Hospitality and Retail dual course with Enterprise and Training Company (ETC).

As part of the nationally recognised course, Ms Parish undertook work experience at the Big 4 Bonny Hills and Apple Tree Café.

“I completed two days of work experience with Big 4 and then got a phone call from them within a few days offering me a casual position,” Ms Parish said.

“Then after doing my 50 hours of work placement with Apple Tree (which is a requirement of the training), they decided to keep me on casually as well.”

Ms Parish said her reason to undertake the training was to branch out and expand her knowledge.

“I was a retail girl for 10 years in the Deli,” Ms Parish comments.

“It was time for me to try something new and to learn new things”.

Ms Parish will be taking her training to the next level by enrolling in the Certificate III qualification with ETC.

“The ETC trainers Carrie and Jill were wonderful – I couldn’t praise them more,” Ms Parish said.

“Having the smaller class size really helps. You get more one on one time and help from the trainer”.

If you’re after both training and industry work experience, contact ETC Training today on 1800 007 400.

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