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Apply now to become a ServeIT Hospitality Industry Training Partner with ETC!


To take part in our ServeIT partners program, please complete and submit the form below by 25th September 2017.

  • 2. To ensure we are matching the most suitable aspiring hospitality heroes to meet your specific workplace needs can you please indicate your preferences for the “ideal candidate” below:

  • By submitting this application you are confirming, on behalf of your business, your commitment to be a ServeIT partner and agree to the statement below:

    ETC’s aspiring hospitality heroes will come to my business with all the licensing requirements and basic customer service skills and knowledge. My role will be to provide a workplace coach/buddy to provide on-site supervision and training. ETC will carefully review my requirements when selecting the most suitable aspiring hospitality heroes to undertake industry experience within my business. ETC will also provide insurances to cover the aspiring hospitality heroes whilst they are in my business and will provide them with a uniform to wear whilst they are working in my business. I can commit to hosting a minimum of 2 programs between October – December 2017, each of which will be 2 weeks in duration. In return, I will receive 10 complimentary places for myself or my staff in any of the following courses offered by ETC (valid until 30 November 2018):

    • Responsible Service of Alcohol
    • Responsible Conduct of Gambling
    • Safe Food Handling
    • Food Safety Supervisor
    • Barista
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