Successful local Businesswoman Shares Her Secrets to Success

Mid North Coast woman Cath Young started her online home wares shop 7 years ago and is now one of Australia’s most successful sellers on Etsy.

Ms Young is now looking to help other local businesses wanting to start their own online business by running a series of workshops across the Mid North Coast in conjunction with ETC.

“The workshops will cover tips for setting up an online shop such as photography that best showcases your wares, distribution and pricing,” ETC’s Business Advisor Robyn Simon said.

“The practical workshop will help start-up, small and home-based businesses take a major step forward in building a viable and profitable business enterprise.”

During the workshops Ms Young will be drawing upon her experience starting and growing her business My Bearded Pigeon which features cushions and wall hangings made from hand-designed fabrics.

“My Bearded Pigeon now brings in around $80,000 a year, employs a seamstress part-time and pays my husband Neil for some of the administration tasks,” Ms Young said.

According to Ms Young Etsy was the ideal place for anyone wanting to start a business.

“The outlay is tiny and your shop can grow with you. You can add items at your leisure and if you are going on holidays you can put your shop in vacation mode. Etsy charges a very small commission of 3.5% and only if you sell something; they don’t make money unless we do,” Ms Young said.

“There are currently 1.6 million shops on Etsy and 24 million buyers looking, favouriting and buying what you have to sell. Etsy is the perfect place to sell what you make and reach a global audience, all from home.”

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  1. I would like to attend but find technology so overwhelming. Would it be worthwhile bringing my 16 year old daughter to learn with me?

    • Hi Donna,
      That sounds like a great idea! We do get people with different levels of understanding with technology to these events. It is good to have a basic understanding of the technologies involved and the speaker will go into further details, so having your daughter there would be worthwhile so she can fill in any gaps you have in your knowledge.
      Thanks, Megan.

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