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TTW Activities

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ETC offers a variety of activities that will help you to get ready for work or training, or help increase your confidence if you’re not quite ready for either or these. Our activities aim to help you find a pathway to your future that is based on your individual needs.

TTW Activities Breakdown

These ETC Transition to Work Activities will help you get yourself ready for work or training and find a pathway to your future that is based on your individual needs!


This intro activity will give you all the info you need to get pumped up for the program and start your future!


This activity is going to give you an edge on the competition by teaching you all the best tricks in applying for a job, interviewing, and how to succeed in the workplace!

Back To Base

Come along to this activity if you want to develop some great life skills, but aren’t quite ready to be in a job or the classroom. You’re going to have a tonne of fun while keeping your skills sharp!


If you want some 1 on 1 time to talk about your future and build some confidence, we’ll help you get what you need in this supportive activity!


Hangouts is a place for everyone to come together in a safe space and hangout with other young people and our team. During these 2-hour sessions you can just sit and relax, accept a challenge of UNO, smash through a game on a console or try something new.

Study Group

If you need help completing a course, want some advice on an assignment, or just want to expand your learning, then join us for our study sessions!

1:1 Intense Session

Ready to start work or study today?  Our 1:1 Intense sessions are tailor made for this challenge. You will have access to our team who will wrap around you and do weeks of work in one day. What ever is needed to make your goal happen will be our focus. 


Ready and waiting for a job? This is where we’ll help you and your Resume to be seen by employers.

Specialist Referral

If you need some specialist advice for your next (non-trade) job, then this is where you’ll find it. Are you ready to develop your skills?

Career Quest

Career Quest is a fun, interactive on-line learning tool designed to help you to develop your personal and career goals.

Counselling Services

If you’re affected by mental health and that is preventing you from progressing with employment or training, we can link you with the support you need.

Indigenous Services Team

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person then this culturally catered 1 on 1 session can help you get started and guide you on your journey.


If you want to improve your mental health through sessions focusing on resilience, mental capacity and motivation then come along to the MindSquad group sessions!

Community Based Initiatives

Let’s get involved in the community! Here you’ll engage with groups and activities that will give you real work experience and develop your trade skills.

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