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Activate Workshop

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Activate Workshop

Activate is for those that are ready and waiting for a job. In this 5 day workshop, we will help you get your resume and yourself in front of employers with jobs. This can occur in different ways. We may call several employers to see if we can set you up an interview, our Business Advisor may take you and introduce you to some employers, or we can assist you to complete online job applications. Activate can happen in so many different ways, but is designed to support your transition to the workforce. We encourage everyone to come along dressed for an interview as you never know what may happen in one of these sessions. If you don’t have interview clothes we can help with that too.

Benefits of participating in the Activate workshop:
• You don’t need to do it on your own, let us help you with your job search.
• Navigate the world of work with skilled professionals with loads of business contacts.
• Every online application is different, we can help you set them up.
• Meet employers and jump the queue with our assistance.

Participant Quotes

TTW Workshops Activate participants

“The workshops are the highlight of my week. They have helped build my confidence and I’ve been getting interviews for the jobs I apply for with the help of ETC doing up my resume and cover letter. I now know how to change it myself and feel confident looking for work”

Aaron, TTW Participant

“I was so angry at the beginning of Pumped. I felt like no one would ever give me an opportunity to get experience and every job vacancy said I needed experience. It was a cycle where I couldn’t win. My facilitator lets me vent and made me a promise on Day 1 that if I really wanted a job – all I had to do was to keep turning up, be positive and ETC would get me that opportunity. I didn’t finish the course because I got a great job laying the NBN. ETC stuck to their promise.”

Jonathon, TTW Participant

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