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On Track Workshop

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On Track Workshops

On Track is delivered over 4 weeks and is for those who want to develop some great life skills but are not quite ready to find a job or be in a formal education setting. Participants will get lots of support and the workshops are fun and insightful.   Generally these workshops are held at ETC offices, however depending on the content for the day this may be held offsite at a hall, community centre or even in the park.

Topics which may be covered in these workshops include:

  • Catching public transport
  • Managing emotions
  • Healthy Eating
  • Learners Licence practice

Benefits of going to the On Track workshop:

  • Make friends with other young people
  • Obtain some important life skills
  • Opportunity for you to address a particular need

You can have input into the purpose/direction of a workshop

Participant Quotes

TTW Workshops On Track

“I really enjoyed the workshop On-Track, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, or what I needed to do to get into that line of work, but I feel much more confident in myself now.”

Brock, TTW participant

“My main problem was I couldn’t make a decision. TtW helped me make and decision and helped me secure a paid work trial at the QT hotel with its Head Chef. My family is so proud of me, I know I don’t have a permanent job yet- but I have 4 weeks paid work experience and I know if I do the right thing and stay positive there is an opportunity for me to be offered an apprenticeship. It feels so good to see my Mum proud. I use to spend 11 hours gaming and rush around and do chores before my Mum got home, but now the others will have to do them because I will be at work!” 

Dylan, TTW participant

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