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Visualise Workshop

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The Visualise workshop

The visualise workshop runs over 3 weeks and will give you the competitive edge by revealing some secrets about how to succeed at job applications and interviews, the things employers want and expect in the workplace, and how to be a great employee. Visualise is one of our most popular workshops as it gives you the skills to get ahead of everyone else who is applying for jobs. Join us today so you can learn some hints, tips and industry secrets.

Benefits of going to the Visualise workshop:

  • You will discuss and learn the employability skills employers are looking for.
  • You will get ahead of the rest as you will be prepared for interviews and have the BEST resume on offer.
  • Being prepared takes away some of the nervousness attached to applying for and attending job interviews.

Participant Quotes

TTW team member and workshop participant

“I had no idea that some cover letters are scanned for key words and that sometimes a person never reads my entire cover letter or application. I used to feel so judged and rejected, after not hearing back about all the jobs I apply for. Now I know the trick to writing a great cover letter and all I need to put in it to get through to an interview. I don’t get as upset anymore if I miss out on an interview, I just try harder next time.”

Ireland, TTW participant

“I found it so hard to write cover letters now I can do it in less than 5 minutes, the vacancy ad is all I need to know what they are looking for.”

Natalie, TTW participant

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