I want a job

On average we spend over 25% of our life working. Why not make working enjoyable and rewarding by doing something you love.

There are different pathways to getting a job like work experience, studying or work and study. The TtW program can help you determine which pathway works best for you.

It’s not always easy doing things alone; let the TtW team support you on your journey!


I want to study

Studying is a great way to gain a qualification that together with your skills can assist in securing your dream job. There are different pathways to study depending on where you are in your journey. If returning to traditional education is not for you, then you may like to consider, studying at TAFE (or any other Registered Training Organisation), or University. If you are undecided on which pathway to take that is right for you, you could join our TtW program and participate in our workshops.


I want to work & study

Working and studying is a great option if you need to build your skills and want to earn money at the same time. We can support you in gaining a casual job while you’re studying. That way you can gain basic work skills to support you in your future career. We can also assist you in securing a Traineeship or Apprenticeship which enables you to earn and learn at the same time. Work experience is another great way of learning more about what it’s like to work in a particular industry and we can help set this up for you.


I'm not sure...

Transition to Work (TtW) is designed to help you and support you in achieving your employment or education goals. If you are 15-24 and are not sure where you are heading, or need help getting some skills and finding a job, TtW is for you! The program is tailored to your individual needs and features a range of workshops for you to choose from.

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