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Find a career or study option that best suits you.

Finding a suitable field for study or work can be difficult. We have two resources available to help you find a field that matches your interests and personality. This is important so you can set yourself up for success in the future by choosing a field that matches you so you won’t lose interest. View our bullseye posters to see what fields relate to your interests and the types of jobs in those fields or try our career quiz.

Bullseye Posters

Career Bullseye posters can help young people choose their school subjects based on what jobs they can lead to. The Bullseye posters reflect possible career options and training requirements for 33 subjects.

Ten Biographical Bullseyes feature a subject bullseye and the potential careers that subject can lead to, including career biographies of two young people who studied that subject and the pathway they followed.
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Career Quiz

Learn about work style and explore careers you might enjoy.
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Skills Match Tool

Skills Match will show you jobs or careers that use your skills. Simply enter the jobs you have worked in, including volunteer, non-paid or experience, see the list of skills associated with those jobs or experience and then get ideas for jobs that match those skills!
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