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Why finishing school is so important

We all know school can be tough and sometimes leaving feels like the only option. Many barriers and circumstances exist that make it hard to stay in school. Issues with maintaining friendships or battling with mental health or family obligations can quickly make attending school and participating impossible. ETC understands and is here for you. Unfortunately you’re not alone and many young people have a similar experience. We can assist you to put in place support networks that help build your resilience.

These supports could include:

  • Housing support
  • Education support
  • Counselling
  • Disability advocacy services

We can work with you and the school to make the situation work. If you have left due to circumstances outside of your control, we may be able to help negotiate an attendance pattern that better supports your needs.

If after discussing options, you decide returning to mainstream school isn’t for you, we can help you look at alternatives such as distance education, independent schools, and other high school equivalency programs.

Benefits of going to school:

School will give you the basic education required to succeed in future study. Whilst it’s not the best option for everyone, school completion can give you something to be proud of. It is a building block in your future path and shows employers you are able to commit and follow things through to the end.

School gives you regular interaction with peers and access to a variety of different subjects allowing you to explore pathways. School can also give you access to school-based traineeships where you are paid to work one day per week.

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