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Have you completed a Certificate III or higher, or finished year 12 and not sure what you’d like to do?

University is an excellent choice for your future. There many reasons to choose University to further your studies, but here are just a few:

  • The labour market is very competitive and most look for some form of tertiary education. With a University degree, you will be head and shoulders above the rest and have the skills and knowledge to secure employment.
  • Over 75% of University Graduates gain employment within 4 months of graduating.
  • While enjoying your time at work is important, getting paid for your hard work is pretty important too!  The average graduate starting salary is around $49‚000 per year and that’s just the start!
  • Most people change careers many times in their life, with a University Degree it gives you a wide range of skills to transfer your knowledge to different industries, as well as looking excellent on your resume.
  • At school, the subjects you are good at are often those you enjoy the most. In the right university degree, you’ll get to study in an area (or areas) of interest and develop the skills and knowledge you can apply to a satisfying and rewarding career.

University works similar to TAFE where you can apply for HECS-Help so you can study now and pay later. Alternatively, you can apply for a scholarship where all your fees are covered, there is also VET-FEE Help and Fee-help available depending on your circumstances. Don’t think your future is on pause because you can’t afford your course, ETC can help you determine what pathway to take, and what financial assistance is available to you!

University is an excellent road to success and can be as easy as calling our Transition to Work team located near you to check your eligibility and you will be well on your way to your dream career!

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