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Why Work

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Benefits of working

  • Money – buying car/house
  • Learning new things
  • Meeting new people
  • Opportunity to travel whilst working in some jobs
  • Increased fitness if labour intensive
  • Improved mental health
  • Increased motivation
  • Personal growth, fulfillment and satisfaction
  • Time management/ability to prioritise tasks
  • Financial independence
  • Increased confidence in social settings
  • Community engagement
  • Increased work ethic and wellbeing

ETC’s TtW program will provide you with:

  • Important information about working including:
    • National Min Award Wages
    • Rights/Responsibilities
    • Employer expectations
    • Communication skills
    • Support for you and your employer after you have secured a job

TtW can also assist you with obtaining relevant licenses, setting up appropriate training courses and arranging interview clothing.



Success Stories


  • Picking Your New Career Pathway Earning money while developing the skills, experience, and qualifications you need to pursue your career goals can sound too good to be true. But there are many different pathways that you can take to reach your career goals while getting some cash in your pocket at the same time. Here […]
  • Youth supported to grow, learn and reach their potential at work with Whitten's Organic Oysters Whitten’s Organic Oysters has been announced as the ETC Mid North Coast Employer of the Year for their work in 2021, giving vulnerable young people job security during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whitten's is a family run business that grows and […]
  • Work experience trials (internships) prove to be the key to success in recruiting top trainees and apprentices Frizelle Sunshine Automotive Group has been announced as the ETC Gold Coast Employer of the Year for their work in 2021, giving many vulnerable people job security during the COVID-19 pandemic. Operating in 7 sites from Springwood (Qld) […]

Participant Quotes

A group of TTW students“TtW gave me the encouragement I needed to continue on my journey”

– TtW Participant

Why Work 3

A group of TTW students“TtW allow me to increase the scope of my job search by enabling me to access the appropriate training for the jobs I wanted”

– TtW Participant

Why Work 2

TTW participants “TtW motivated me and gave me the support I needed as I navigated job prospects”

– TtW Participant

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