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Why Work

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Benefits of working

  • Money – buying car/house
  • Learning new things
  • Meeting new people
  • Opportunity to travel whilst working in some jobs
  • Increased fitness if labour intensive
  • Improved mental health
  • Increased motivation
  • Personal growth, fulfillment and satisfaction
  • Time management/ability to prioritise tasks
  • Financial independence
  • Increased confidence in social settings
  • Community engagement
  • Increased work ethic and wellbeing

ETC’s TtW program will provide you with:

  • Important information about working including:
    • National Min Award Wages
    • Rights/Responsibilities
    • Employer expectations
    • Communication skills
    • Support for you and your employer after you have secured a job

TtW can also assist you with obtaining relevant licenses, setting up appropriate training courses and arranging interview clothing.

Participant Stories

Ella joined TtW and was unsure of what she wanted to do. With a negative experience in hospitality behind her, she was turned off working in the industry and was rather enthused about studying something in the direction of her artistic passions.

Upon exploring various options, Ella was helped to find an online course that would develop her artistic skill set and would leave her daytime available to find work. When a fledgeling Café business expressed interest in a reliable all-rounder, even though Ella had refused Hospitality, the creative approach of the employer, as well as the possibilities of doing various different roles within the business, convinced her to give it a try. Within weeks, her reliability and competency were rewarded with her being trained in the kitchen to fill in for the chef when required.

Unfortunately, the business was closed, leaving Ella out of a job. Just over a week later, Ella indicated that her cold canvassing efforts were rewarded with three offers of full-time jobs. This is almost unheard of for Ella’s local area.

And, rather than choosing a cruisy, easy going role; stocking shelves or as a cook, she has chosen the factory floor of Specialized Chicken, a chicken processing employer. When questioned about her decision, Ella responded that this would be more challenging, allowing her to grow and she wanted to progress from the ground up into higher roles within the organization. All while completing her Certificate 3 in Design Fundamentals online.

Ella has accepted TtW’s invitation to speak to a group of young and unmotivated individuals in one of our internal workshops to share her experience and encourage others not to give up and to find their passion.

Participant Quotes

A group of TTW students“TtW gave me the encouragement I needed to continue on my journey”

– TtW Participant

Why Work 3

A group of TTW students“TtW allow me to increase the scope of my job search by enabling me to access the appropriate training for the jobs I wanted”

– TtW Participant

Why Work 2

TTW participants “TtW motivated me and gave me the support I needed as I navigated job prospects”

– TtW Participant

Why Work 1
Pumped Workshop - This fun day will get you energised about your goals, pathways and what you really want your future to look like!
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