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Is an Apprenticeship the right option for you?

Apprenticeships are a way to become trained and qualified in a trade or particular type of job. An apprenticeship involves learning a skilled trade under a qualified tradesperson. This can be a small or large employer. There are hundreds of different trades available such as hairdressers, mechanics, electrician, chef, plumber, cabinet maker etc. An apprenticeship can be undertaken part-time, however, they are usually full-time over 3-4 years.

Benefits of doing an Apprenticeship:

  • Combines training and employment and can lead to a nationally recognised qualification
  • A great way to get a head start on a chosen career
  • A pathway from school to paid employment
  • Paid work and structured training that can be ‘on-the-job’, ‘off-the-job’ or a combination of both
  • You may qualify for a Trade Support Loan (up to $20,000) – see below

What are Trade Support Loans?

Trade Support Loans are loans paid in instalments totalling up to $20,000 over the life of an Australian Apprenticeship. These loans are intended to assist apprentices with everyday costs while they complete their apprenticeship. For further information and to check eligibility visit the Australian Apprenticeships website.

Participant Stories

Image of 3 young men looking at the camera.

A great example of how an apprenticeship can lead to full-time employment is as follows:

A young person secured a school-based traineeship in Graphic Design. This was during year 11 and 12.From there he approached several sign writers and was offered a 3-year apprenticeship as a signage apprentice with the local council. Once he completed the apprenticeship, he was then offered full-time employment as a fully qualified tradesman on great wages!

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