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Want a job

The reality is we spend so much of our lifetime working – so why not make work enjoyable and rewarding by doing something you love.

There are different pathways to getting a job like work experience, studying or work and study. The TtW program can help you determine which pathway works best for you.

It’s not always easy doing things alone; let the ETC TtW team support you on your journey!

Why Work

Do you love socialising? Are you looking for a purpose? Do you want to contribute? Securing employment can provide you with all this and more.

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Work Experience

If you are not sure about the work/career you want, work experience is a perfect way to sample different options available.

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Work & Study

Working and studying is a great option if you are interested in building your skills and earning an income at the same time.

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Transition To Work

If you want a job, the TtW program can help you with job searching, resume writing, preparing for interviews and meeting with employers.

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